Three things that will get your site penalized by google.

Broken Links

As a webmaster you need to stay on top of the links you post on your site. At first it won’t be much of a problem, but as the site grows and more outbound links are added the danger becomes greater. If you have links that don’t lead anywhere it will get your site penalized, so make sure you remove them on a regular basis.

Too Many Adverts

One of the biggest reasons why people start a website in Hong Kong is the opportunity to make money. Once a steady flow of traffic hits the site the adverts start popping up. This is also when things start to go south.

Apart from just making visitors irritated through annoying pop-ups and flashing ads everywhere, search engines will also penalize the site because it doesn’t offer anything useful.

Google Website Penalty

Site Responsiveness

For the most part Hong Kong webmasters focus on creating sites that will accommodate desktop users. However, a lot of traffic on the internet come from mobile devices. If the site isn’t responsive to mobile users then search engines will penalize the site as well.

Pay attention to mistakes like those mentioned above, because they can bring a site down very quickly. Even if you’re not out to cheat the system, mistakes like these can prove to be fatal.

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