SEO Tactics That Work In 2016

Search engine optimization, the practice of making sure your website ranks as high as possible among search terms relevant to your content, is unfortunately lacking in any static set of rules. The most useful Hong Kong SEO strategies are always changing, meaning you have to continually make sure your website is able to keep up. If you don’t adapt along the way, your site’s ranking will continually trend downwards, greatly hurting your potential to pull in as much traffic as possible. A lot of people work with a SEO specialist to relieve themselves of the burden, but the following paragraphs will detail at least some of the most useful current SEO tactics if you prefer the “hands on” approach.

First of all, you need to make sure your content is actually fairly substantial. That means longer articles with as many as 1,200 words or more. The time of the 300 word article might be coming to a close. As the king of the web browsers, Google is basically at the forefront of determining how the landscape of SEO changes, and they have gradually favored longer content more and more. Of course, there are no shortcuts either. You have to genuinely pump out substantial content in order to appease Google’s increasingly fickle SEO algorithm.  For more check out this SEO Company Hong Kong page.

Rather than dumping masses of text all at once however, you should consider breaking your articles up into several parts. Utilize the likes of subheading, images, bullet points, or even relevant videos to support each post on your page. This makes the article a lot easier to give a once over, and also inspires more retention overall.

SEO in 2016

Of course, you also need to make sure your website is mobile friendly. More and more people are accessing websites from their phones and other personal handheld devices these days. Sites that have no mobile version are gravely behind the times right now. As you’d imagine, a mobile friendly site is going to be favored on mobile searches, so be sure to make your site compatible across all platforms. For more on mobile search check out this search engine optimization page.

Finally, while you always want to play it cool with keywords, the mobile factor is bringing a renewed relevance to longer keywords. A lot of people in Hong Kong simply speak into their phones for whatever they’re searching for these days, and those searches are almost always on the wordy side. Try to make some of your keywords match the style of an off the cuff vocal search, and you just might be surprised by the traffic boost.